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We want you to love where you live! Every aspect of your home should be beautiful and practical. MDM will take your ideas and design a wonderful lay out in which we bring your vision to life. As each person and family is unique, so your home should be too and we will customize it that way!

Build a Home That Fits Your Lifestyle

MDM makes it easy, effortless, and fun to custom design and build the best home that fits your lifestyle, property, and budget without compromising on quality & workmanship.

We do our Research

In building a custom home we consider directionality as well as seasonality. We construct efficient designs and ensure building codes and requirements are met. We take all the leg work out of the process. You just to sit back, relax and enjoy your vision becoming a reality!

Get Our Guarantee in Writing

MDM ensures all our work and we provide you with a warranty for any work completed. We are proud of our work and want you to be happy and proud you chose us!

Design is a collaborative process that requires understanding client vision & bringing it to reality. In keeping with our belief in sustainability, our designs are a combination of both form & function.

Custom Homes

Don't Have To Be Expensive

While we can certainly include all levels of luxury, a custom home can also mean that you build the dream home that is just perfect for you.  We build to meet your specific requirements, you get to choose the size and layout that works best for you.

From Traditional To Modern

Designs that cater to all tastes

MDM architects and designers have years of experience that will bring about your vision with elegance in every square footage. We’ll build the house that you’ll make a home!

We Build Houses for Generations




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