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Mile Program

The Extra Mile Program (EMP) is a work flow program that MDM promotes to ensure pre-established objectives are met in a timely manner. The purpose of this program is to provide a superior service to our clients by delivering their project perfectly on time, on budget. As a general contractor, we believe in taking great care of each and every one of our projects. There is no project is too small or big

MDM follow strictly standards and guide lines that confirm the easy of any/all building codes and permit; material used, milestones and quality of the finished product by guaranteeing of senior management involvement in each step to ensure quality and time scheduling satisfaction.

We walk the extra mile to exceed our client’s expectations.

The Program consists of many sub programs to ensure the high performance for each task & stage in the project as follows:

  Experienced Estimations

  • Senior Employee’s Involvement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Accountable on Any Task
  • Revising For Each Task

  Contingent Plans

  • Catastrophic Scenarios
  • Alternative Plan B For Critical Stages
  • Project Programming Schedules

  Accurate Critical Path

  • Establishing Critical Milestones Dates
  • Every Task is given within the Company is labelled with a Deadline
  • Logistics: Back Office Support For Administrative Staff


  • 5 Years For Labor
  • Leverage Standards

  Project Wide

With Extra Mile Service to Exceed Customer Expectations


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